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  • £ 14.00

    Designed with Safety and Comfort in mind. Adjustable Metal Mesh Full Visor allowing only a 20% loss of light!_x000D_
    The HDPE Helmet Shell offers protection whilst being lightweight allowing the user to wear the helmet for longer._x000D_
    New Four Point Internal Harness for greater comfort._x000D_
    Ratchet System to adjust the size of the helmet from 52cm to 66cm._x000D_
    Meets all the current CE regulations._x000D_
    The new CE regulations on Chainsaw Helmets have been updated and made more stringent to protect the user._x000D_
    Super Comfortable Ear Defenders are fully adjustable and meet the new stringent CE regulations._x000D_
    Helmet, EN397+A1:02.2013_x000D_
    Muffs, EN352-3:2003_x000D_
    Visor, EN1731:2007 S

  • £ 15.00

    6 point harness offers increased head support as well as comfort, Features: Fully adjustable ear muffs with extra soft cushioning, a heat reflecting mesh visor for extra, ventilation and Chin Strap. Helmet: EN397: 2012+A1: 2012, Ear Muffs: EN352-3: 2002 ANSI -S3. 1 9 Visor: EN166: 2001 OR EN1731 : 2006 ANSI -Z87. 1 – 2003, Conforms to all current European legislation.

  • £ 21.00 Ex VAT

    Peltor MESH VISOR. Steel mesh visor. Black coating. EN1731 eye protection

  • £ 49.00 Ex VAT

    Peltor OPTIME 3 Ear muffs. 34dB attenuation. Helmet mounting to fit helmets CA05 and CA06. Suitable for chippers.

  • £ 30.00 Ex VAT

    Solidur ALPIN Safety Helmet. EN397 Head Protection. Ventilated. 4 point chinstrap. 8 point harness. Ratchet size adjustment. Slotted to take Peltor hearing/eye/face protection.

  • £ 111.00

    Solidur INFINITY Chainsaw Helmet. EN397 Head Protection. Crash box to cushion impact and show status. Retro reflective strips. Ratchet size adjustment. EN352-3 Hearing Protection 26 dB attenuation. EN1731 Eye/Face Protection profiled steel mesh visor. Lets through 75% of light.

  • £ 54.00

    Solidur PELTOR Chainsaw Helmet. EN397 Head Protection. Orange polyethylene. Ratchet size adjustment. EN352-3 Hearing Protection 27 dB attenuation. EN1731 Eye/Face Protection steel mesh visor.